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  • 学術的な論文:10円/字
  • 観光やその他:6円/字


  • 学術的な論文、出願関連書類、レポートのネイティブチェック:1200円/100単語
  • その他のネイティブチェック:800円/100単語
  • 期間限定学生割引!卒業論文など:500円/100単語





Translating Services

  • Academic: 10¥/char
  • Tourism and Other: 6¥/char

Editing Services

  • Native English check for academic publications, application material, and reports: 1200¥/100 words
  • Native English check for non-technical publications: 800¥/100 words
  • Limited time discount! Grammar and style consulting for student reports: 500¥/100 words

Typical turnaround is less than one week for short to moderate documents. I can prioritize a request for an additional fee which will be determined on a case-by-case basis. I reserve the right to reject requests for editing or translating at my own discretion, but will do my best to accommodate all skill levels. Student reports and some non technical publications may not be edited to a fully native standard to account for variations in individual voice and academic integrity.